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Why Should I Attend?

Why You Should Attend a Joyce Meyer Conference
It’s simple: you’ll enjoy it. And we’re pretty sure you won’t leave disappointed! But don’t take our word for it. Hear what conference-goers are actually saying...

You’ll be inspired.
I attended all four sessions at the Palace of Auburn Hills and learned so much. Thank you, Joyce, for being such a blessing to others and for inspiring me to dive in deeper into my faith journey. –Karen L., Michigan

I really felt the Holy Spirit within the arena. And I couldn't believe I caught a T-shirt. It came directly at me just like your words did. You’re a true inspiration to the Word of God. Thanks for sharing. –Dianne B., Pennsylvania

It was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. Thanks Joyce for your healing messages of faith strength and motivation. You are truly a blessing in many lives. –David F., Washington

It was a true blessing to see how everyone came together to help feed the kids in Winston-Salem because we all saw a need and stepped in to show the love of Christ. It was a lot of fun, and I was blessed to see some old friends and make new ones! —Cheryl M., North Carolina

I was so moved by Dave’s talk that I read every book he recommended. His words and these books have brought a real change in my heart. For years, I have thought about running for a public office. After lots of prayer, I have decided to run for the Maryland House of Delegates so I can do my part to protect us from our government. —Kevin L., Maryland

You’ll be changed for the better.
Just wanted to say that I am changed for going to the conference in Hershey. I especially loved the time to worship. —Kimberly O., Pennsylvania

God thank you for giving Joyce the words to say that turned my family around. —Debbie W., Kentucky

It was AMAZING!! Joyce says it like it is—no sugar coating, but just how we need to hear it. For years I've been climbing on this never-ending escalator, wondering why I could never reach the top. Selfishness is now no longer an option for me! —Roxana V., California

I can't even begin to tell you how special the conference was for me. Since my divorce six months ago, I had been so depressed and hopeless that I had contemplated taking my own life. But what someone said in a story during the conference: "God gave me the gift of desperation" finally got through to me. I have found hope again, and I will be eternally grateful for Joyce Meyer Ministries. —Anne O., Minnesota

From the moment I walked into the conference arena I could tell this was going to be a life-changing weekend for me. My rollercoaster of emotions had been putting a strain on my marriage. When the worship started, I felt the Holy Spirit like never before. And when Joyce talked about how God has to change us for it to really happen, I opened up my heart and gave my will to His. I feel changed and am keeping my heart open to hear from God daily, knowing my blessing will come. —Kari S., Washington

It’s a great place to meet new people.
My husband and I enjoyed the weekend conference and met some amazing people! —Mary H., Michigan

At the women’s conference I met three amazing women who I know I will be friends with for a long time. Can't wait until next year! —Lisa P., Facebook post

I enjoyed the entire conference, speakers, worship, shopping, and meeting new friends! —Marta S., Facebook post

This year at the Love Life Women's Conference, I sat in the physically challenged section due to a recent injury. Soon, another woman sat down next to me. As she turned to greet me, a surreal feeling enveloped me and for a moment I was speechless. Then we started laughing and hugging each other. We had worked together over 25 years ago! In a crowd of 27,000 people, who but God could have brought her to that empty chair to reunite us after 25 years? –Vicky S., Missouri

Hear God speak to you.
Thank God for using Joyce to speak directly to the issues I have been dealing with. Only God could do that! —Driadonna R., Michigan

Thank you for the awesome lesson on obedience in Hershey! It was what I needed to hear! :) —Samantha M., Pennsylvania

Thank you Joyce for your Friday night word in Hershey. It was awesome and very enlightening. Wow! God was talking through you to wake me up. Thanks for the wake-up! I can't wait for next year. —Anjanette H., Pennsylvania

You always speak directly to me—so it seems! You are so real! And the word you gave before starting Saturday, saying you felt God was telling you to tell others it's not too late…tears just flowed! —Nancy O., Michigan

The conference in Hershey was the very first one I have ever been to, and might I say there is no doubt in my mind that God speaks through you...amazing! —Camille M., Pennsylvania

It’s something for everyone.
I enjoyed the Saturday morning we were able to be there. Two friends I brought also enjoyed it. —Mary Ellen H., Michigan

You were a blessing at the conference and even my 18-year-old son was impressed. We both really loved the praise and worship Saturday morning! —Elaine W., Pennsylvania

I enjoyed all four messages and worship this weekend; they were very power-packed and there was something for everyone. “Mama Joyce” is always feeds us meat and potatoes and never dessert! It was packed too, but no matter where I was sitting I had a good time and could see and hear Joyce the entire time. —Shaun H., North Carolina

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Joyce easily connects with her conference attendees and TV audience by being open and honest about her personal journey with God.Each conference is recorded for TV so that everyone can enjoy Joyce’s teachings. But there’s so much more going on behind the scenes that our TV audience just won’t see.Hungry for God’s presence, conference goers have plenty of opportunities to connect with Him one-on-one during times of worship throughout the weekend.Sports arenas across the country are temporarily transformed into places of worship, filled with both men and women who want to know God and learn from His Word.Christian artist Phil Wickham is joining us again in 2016 to lead worship at our conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Poignant moments of worship produce beautiful scenes of surrender like this one at each and every conference throughout the year.Joyce’s sense of humor comes across in many of her conference teachings, which helps make hard topics easier to take. Sometimes just a smile makes a difference.Teachable moments with Joyce make her conferences outlast the weekend because so many attendees bring her messages home to apply in their everyday lives.No matter where you sit, you’re going to hear a great message.Joyce delivers an unforgettable message based on Zechariah 9:12, which tells us that we can live worry-free as “prisoners of hope” in Christ.Matt Redman and Christy Nockels leading us in worship.


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