Relief After Hurricane Harvey
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Relief After Hurricane Harvey

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Relief After Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey made landfall this past weekend, causing widespread damage and dumping more than 40 inches of rain across Texas. Hand of Hope quickly reached out to several organizations to help provide relief. Thanks to your support, we’re able to come alongside organizations like Convoy of Hope, Church Unlimited, The Church TX and Bethel Global Response to reach those in need immediately after the storm. From cleanup to meals and supplies, they are ready and equipped to help.

Thank you to our partners for helping us bring relief and to share the love of Christ! Please join us in prayer as we lift up the state of Texas and all those affected by this tragedy. We are believing that God will bring healing and total restoration to this area!

Record Flooding Hits St.Louis Again


Shortly after severe tornadoes struck Texas, Missouri was once again hit with record flooding. Hand of Hope is partnering with Convoy of Hope as they help bring relief in the both areas.

With the water yet to crest, this week’s flooding in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, is reminiscent of flooding that happened in early 2016. Widespread damage, road closures and compromised water supplies are leaving many in need. And we’re determined to step in and help as many as possible.

Again, we are so thankful for our friends and partners who make it possible for us to respond quickly when disasters hit. Please join with us in prayer for the first responders, volunteers and families that are being impacted!

Bringing Relief to Perryville, Missouri After Deadly Tornado

Tornado Image

Last night, a deadly tornado ripped through Perryville, Missouri, destroying hundreds of homes and killing two people. Hand of Hope has partnered with Service International and Convoy of Hope to help bring relief starting tomorrow. Please pray with us for all involved. Our team will be heading there tomorrow so check back with us for more updates!

Continuing our Relief Efforts in the South

Tornado Image

We are now partnering with Providence Church in Albany, Georgia following the fatal tornadoes that impacted many southern states this past January. Providence Church has set up a warehouse with supplies and is working alongside other churches and organizations in the community to identify needs and begin meeting them.

Many of the homes impacted in Albany, Georgia are still not accessible and most are still without power. The biggest needs are hot meals, diapers and wipes, and they are currently serving an estimated 1,200 people in need daily.

Please continue to keep Providence Church, Convoy of Hope and the many volunteers in your prayers as they work tirelessly to bring help to those in need.

Bringing Hope to the South

This past January, fatal tornadoes swept through the southern states of Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, leaving 19 people dead and hundreds of homes destroyed.

Hand of Hope is partnering with Convoy of Hope to help those affected in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Albany, Georgia. A team has been dispatched to those areas with a truckload of relief supplies including water, sports drinks, hygiene kits, various cleaning supplies and more.

Join us in praying for strength for all those affected and the relief teams. Thank you to our friends and partners for helping us respond quickly when disaster strikes!

Hurricane Matthew: Relief Update

Thank you so much for your prayers over those affected by Hurricane Matthew!
We are now partnering with Seacoast Church and Bethel Church, Redding to help provide relief in the US and are partnering with Community of Hope Haiti to help bring more relief Haiti.

Relief After Hurricane Matthew

Haiti - Disaster Relief Hurricane Matthew's 120mph winds plowed through Haiti killing over 800 people and that number continues to rise. Along with this devastation, many people have been left homeless and in need of basic necessities. We have been able to work with our partners at Love A Child, Inc. to bring much needed food to the Haitian people. Continue to keep them in prayer as they work to rescue people and rebuild from this disaster.

Louisiana needs YOU!

We've seen a lot happen in the past couple weeks but there is so much work left to be done. Many are still hurting but you could be the helping hand they need. If you would like to volunteer visit

Louisiana Flooding - Stories of Hope

Flooding Clean-Up - Hard Work...Happy Smiles Hard Work…Happy Smiles

This week we have been able to see, firsthand, the Louisiana flood relief. Even though the damage is overwhelming, so many people have put their lives on hold to lend a hand…all with a smile. It’s been encouraging to see the church come together this week but our job is not done! You can partner with us as we continue to bring relief to Louisiana and other disasters.

Thank You From Healing Place Church!

We have been partnering with Healing Place Churchin Baton Rouge throughout the Louisiana flood relief efforts. Today, they wanted to give a quick thank you to all our friends and partners. Check it out!

Counting on God’s Strength During Disaster: Mike’s Story

Mike W. lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana where 90% of the homes have been flooded...including his own. Check out his story!

Relief Update from Pastor Jonathan Stockstill of Bethany Church

Louisiana flood relief is well underway! Check out all that's been happening at Bethany Church, one of the many churches working with Hand of Hope.

Flooding Clean-Up - Pastor Gus People Come From Near and Far to Lend a Hand

Pastor Gus (right) brought a small team from Texas to assist with the flood relief efforts. People have come from around the country, small groups and large organizations like Convoy of Hope, answering the call for help. It's so cool to see the church join together for one goal!

Flooding Clean-Up - Seneca's Story Her car and home are flooded but Seneca is still serving her community!

“I've been affected by the flood but the flood is not gonna affect me. I'm just trusting and believing that the Holy Spirit is still my comforter. I've been through some things before and I have overcome them just like I will overcome this. I will not allow a flood to steal my joy!”

Even though Seneca herself is in need, she has chosen to come and serve others in her community through Bethany Church. Hand of Hope is honored to partner with local churches like Bethany Church to help bring relief where it's needed.

Flooding Clean-Up - Haley's's Story Haley is stepping out and helping families in need!

Haley's house was not flooded but she is now housing 5 sets of families that have been displaced. She had been using her own money to buy the necessities they needed but now with the help of Bethany Church, one of the churches we are helping, and other local churches she can help even more.

“Nobody is a stranger now, everyone is family!”

Hand of Hope is happy to partner with a number of local churches in the Baton Rouge area to help so many that have been affected by this record breaking flood.

Ready for Relief in Louisiana

Over the weekend so many in Louisiana lost their homes to unbelievable rain and flooding. Early reports share that as many as six people have died and more than 20,000 had to be rescued from their homes.

While these families sit and wait for the water to recede – not knowing what they’ll return home to – we are connecting with churches in the area to be ready and prepared to bring the relief as soon as they need it.

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, has partnered with Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Church of the King in Mandeville, Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Journey Church in Greenwell and Our Savior’s Church in Jennings. We’ve also connected with our long-term disaster relief partner Convoy of Hope to help provide relief.

Please continue to pray with us for all those affected by the storm. As always, we are so grateful to everyone who gives to help us provide disaster relief both here in the United States and around the world.

Cleanup Underway After Flooding in Missouri

Flooding Clean-Up Record-breaking floods have impacted large portions of St. Louis and it’s surrounding area this past week. Hundreds of families returned to find their homes devastated by the muddy waters and their personal belongings destroyed.

You can help those in need! Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is partnering with Convoy of Hope and Service International, two outstanding emergency response organizations to provide immediate relief. But we can do more with your help!

  • Pray for all those affected…for their emotional needs as well as the physical as they process all that has happened.
  • Join the volunteer efforts by connecting directly with Convoy of Hope or Service International.
  • Donate now to reach even more families in need.

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas Under Water

Missoui Flooding Severe flooding in Missouri has hit our hometown. Just down the street from our headquarters record rainfall has caused rivers to rise and left many homes and neighborhoods under water. Although our offices are safe, we are sad to say that many people are not.

Hand of Hope has partnered with Convoy of Hope and Service International to provide relief as soon as the water recedes, which could still be a couple of days. Please pray with us for all affected.

Thank you to our friends and partners who help us reach out all around the world and in our backyard!

Responding to Devastation in Texas

Texas Severe weather and tornadoes devastated several areas throughout the U.S. over Christmas weekend. Not only are many grieving the loss of loved ones, they are also having to pick up the pieces from widespread damage. Hand of Hope is partnering with Convoy of Hope to help provide relief in and around Garland and Rowlett, Texas. A huge thank you to our partners for making outreaches like these possible! Please continue to pray with us for all those affected!

Water Filters Bring Hope to a Community – Nepal Earthquake

Nepal A few weeks ago, they were living happy, normal lives. Today, they stare at their water supply, fearful to drink even a sip because of broken pipes and contamination from the sewage lines.

After an earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25, many went to live in makeshift shelters, and had to look to each other for food, supplies, blankets, tents and first-aid. Even as help started pouring in to the nation, Bhulbari, a small town had not received aid and its people were beginning to wonder if help would ever come.

Our team observed this, and not only brought them food and supplies, but also a few clean water filters.

Working together as a community, the people made sure that each person would receive their share of clean drinking water. With each filter proving to be of use to several families, the people of Bhulbari now have a reason to hope that with time, things will get better.

Emergency Relief & Medical Care Reaches Families in Nepal

Nepal Last week, our Hand of Hope Asia team visited Kolkana, one of the areas that has suffered the most devastation from the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.

Families are desperately trying to salvage their belongings from the rubble. And with many homes partially or completely destroyed, they are left to sleep out in the open, where it is raining and temperatures can drop to 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).

Our team was able to provide 75 of these families with emergency provisions of rice, noodles, pulses (legumes) and sugar. They also provided blankets and tents to those living without shelter.

Helping Pastor Samuel
We’ve met with Pastor Samuel, our Hand of Hope coordinator in Nepal, who is living in a tent at the church grounds, along with his family and other families from his church.

We also worked with him to pass out essential relief items to 30 families at his feeding center in Lalitpur, including food, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and blankets.

First Aid Medical Care
Our medical volunteers have partnered with the Red Cross to set up an emergency First Aid clinic right in the middle of the inhabited area, so the people are able to easily access it.

They found many people didn’t seek medical attention right away and tried to care for themselves, tying rags and pieces of cloths around muscle tears, sprains and wounds. The medical team was able to assess the people (many of them elderly) and provide medical care to treat their wounds.

Future Plans
Work in Nepal has only just begun and our team will continue to assess needs in areas like Dolkha and Sindhupalchowk to provide assistance to villages that haven’t yet been reached. They are also looking at long-term options to rebuild homes and churches destroyed in the earthquake.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to reach out in disasters like this. It’s because of your donations that we are able to be on the ground immediately providing relief.

1 Million Nepalese Children with Urgent Needs

Nepal The amount of devastation is becoming much clearer today following Saturday's 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.

The U.N. has reported that 1.4 million are in need of food aid and UNICEF says nearly 1 million Nepalese children are in need of urgent assistance. With more than 4,500 confirmed dead and thousands still missing, the need is great and there is much to do.

Relief is underway and we are continuing to look for opportunities to help, especially the many children in need.

Disaster Relief Efforts Underway in Nepal

Nepal This past Saturday, April 25, a 7.8 earthquake struck outside of Lamjung, Nepal, killing thousands and leaving many homeless, injured and crying for help. Damage has been reported throughout much of Nepal, as well as areas of India, China and Bangladesh.

Our Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope coordinator in Kathmandu, Pastor Samuel, who also lost his home and church in the quake, is already distributing 4,500 blankets to those sleeping on the streets. We have a team flying into this area to assess future needs for all those impacted. They’re also taking as many medical supplies as the airlines will allow and will begin providing immediate relief.

Another team is driving into Kathmandu, bringing with them medicine, food and other supplies. This team is made up of Nepali volunteers (mostly medical) and will provide relief, including tents, blankets, rice, dal (a dried lentil, pea or bean), salt and water.

Please pray for everyone affected by this devastating disaster and that our team would reach as many in need as possible!

Feeding Flood Victims in Cambodia

Cambodia Flooding along the Mekong River in Cambodia has left the Kandal province completely flooded. At last report, 83 people, including 34 children, have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands have been affected.

Senior Minister and First Vice Chairman for Cambodia’s National Committee for Disaster Management, H.E. Nhoem Vanda said that the flooding has decimated crops and displaced people in 13 capital-provinces.

“About 800,000 people have been affected by severe flooding across the country. More than 20,000 families were evacuated to higher ground...120,000 houses have flooded, hundreds have been completely destroyed.”

Hand of Hope, the world missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is distributing food to those in need, as well as copies of Joyce’s books. The year-round missions efforts in Cambodia, including feeding programs, children’s homes and a full-time healthcare facility, allows Hand of Hope to be a significant presence during this time of great need. The generosity of the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries make it possible for Hand of Hope to be there during this crisis.

Providing Shelter & More Following Pakistan Earthquake

Pakistan In the past week, a devastating earthquake and powerful aftershocks have hit the southwestern region of Pakistan. More than 500 people have died and thousands were left homeless as their mud-walled homes were destroyed.

Hand of Hope is partnering with our contact on the ground in Pakistan to provide tents, food, utensils and Joyce's books to affected families in and around the city of Awaran.

Tents are in high demand because October is one of the hottest times of the year for Pakistan, with temperatures in the high 90s. Without homes, families are left to sit in the baking sun. These temporary shelters, along with the food and supplies, will provide much-needed relief.

We ask that you join us in prayer for those affected. And as always, thank you for helping us provide immediate relief after disasters like this.

Responding to Major Flooding in Colorado

Colorado In September 2013, Colorado was slammed with torrential rain, causing major flooding and thousands of evacuations.

We have partnered with Timberline Church in Ft Collins and their outreach arm Serve 6.8 to provide relief supplies, food and shelter to those affected.

Our prayers go out to those who are still awaiting rescue and relief. We will keep you posted as new updates arise.

Hand of Hope Works to Help Victims of Calgary Flood

A slow-moving storm dumped more than six inches of rain on Calgary, AB in Western Canada late last week. The resulting flood waters forced the evacuation of 25 local communities involving more than 100,000 residents.

CalgaryInitial estimates place the damages anywhere from $3 billion to $5 billion (CAD), although that figure could rise as the flood waters recede and officials further assess the damage. Most of downtown Calgary was included in the evacuation at waters poured into the 17,000 seat SaddleDome, home to the NHL's Calgary Flames and through the famous Calgary Stampede grounds. Numerous businesses have been damaged or destroyed.

This week the water has begun to recede, but the aftermath has left many areas uninhabitable, covered in mud and drying sewage. Cleanup from this disaster will stretch into the coming weeks, if not months.

Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is already working to provide relief for the victims of this massive flood. Hand of Hope is working in tandem with local organizations to reach out to those who have suffered loss in the wake of this terrible event.

Your partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries makes these and many more relief efforts possible. Being there for those who have lost and are hurting in the wake of disasters is one of the main goals of Hand of Hope. After events like Hurricane Sandy, the Moore, OK tornadoes and now, Calgary, thousands are in need of homes and basic, life-sustaining materials. With your support, Hand of Hope works with the local churches and agencies to provide resources so that those who have experienced loss can begin to heal and know the love of Christ in the moment of their pain.

Serving Moore

"God can take the ugly and turn it into something beautiful." Those words from Pastor Kirk Pankratz of Church of the Harvest in Oklahoma City describe what we witnessed in the aftermath of the tornadoes that devastated Moore, OK.

Within hours of the disaster, Hand of Hope, the missions outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries was on the scene, lending assistance to several local organizations. Today's show captures some of those efforts, from cleaning up debris to praying with and comforting those who lost everything.

Meeting Needs in Moore, Oklahoma

Partnering with Church of the Harvest in Oklahoma City, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries' World Missions, was able to meet the immediate needs of those who were affected by the tornado in Moore, OK. Watch this video to see some of the ways we've helped so far and what still needs to be done to help people get back on their feet after such a great loss.

Oklahoma Disaster Relief: Helping Recover

Our recent visit to the Oklahoma City area was exceptionally difficult and a tremendous blessing simultaneously. Wherever we went, there was not a dry eye, from homeowners searching through the debris to volunteers helping with the recovery process to grown men who thought they had seen it all. But these tears brought people together united to help.

So how do you process such things? By focussing on the beauty that can be found. I was honored to be a part of Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hand of Hope and very proud of our dedicated friends and partners who are always the first to lend a helping hand. Partnering with other ministries such as Church of the Harvest, Service International, Cooking for Christ, Victory Church, Gleaning for the World, and The 99, we saw vital progress even in these early days. And together we will all be there to offer help in the days and months to come.

Thank you for always caring and responding with the love of Christ. Your support turns very difficult days into miracles in the making.

Hand of Hope - Memorial Day Weekend in Moore, Oklahoma

Ginger Stache shares a glimpse into the devastation, but also the overwhelming volunteer support that is happening right now in Moore, Oklahoma.

Thank you so much for reaching out in love and helping us provide immediate relief after disasters like this.

Follow along with us here at for the latest updates of all you're helping make possible in Oklahoma.

Helping Shirley in Shawnee, Oklahoma

We met up with Service International who is providing cleanup services in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This community was hit with a tornado the day before Moore and hasn't received a lot of help due to the magnitude of devastation in Moore.

But we wanted to let the people in this community know they are not forgotten... people like Shirley who owns Grandma Had It Antiques.

Before the storm, her home and 30-year-old business, which sits on 10 acres, was completely covered in trees. She jokingly said she had never seen the daylight in her front yard because of all the trees. Today that's a completely different story and the volunteers are working hard to cut and stack what tangled wood is left.

Thankfully her family and their home was spared but a workshop and antiques storage building were both hit hard. It will take some time to go through all that remains.

Shirley says she is beyond blessed by all the support. She didn't know there were so many people who cared and is incredibly thankful because it will get her back to doing what she loves best...spending time with family and selling her antiques.

Cooking 4 Christ

Providing Meals

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries' World Missions, has partnered with Cooking for Christ out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to provide hot meals throughout the affected areas. Volunteers will be delivering 15,000 meals throughout the weekend.


From Home and Daycare to Rubble and Debris

There is nothing left of Deana's home but rubble and debris. That's why it's so hard to imagine how the 4 adults and 6 children huddled in the home's closets survived the brunt of the tornado. She runs a daycare in the home and her only mission was to keep the toddlers, ages 1 to 3, safe.

Thanks to your support, we were able to connect her with Church of the Harvest, who will be able to provide the practical resources she'll need to begin again. And to once again begin caring for the children she dearly loves.


Volunteer Headquarters

Service International and Church of the Harvest, our ministry partners in the Moore recovery efforts, have been asked by the city to be the headquarters for mobilizing volunteers. Kinsley Jordan, who was a first responder in the search and rescue efforts and saw firsthand the great devastation is the director of these efforts.

He and a large team of volunteers are working to bring both church and government agencies together to reach as many people as possible. "This is working because God's hand is in it and He wants people to know He loves them... and He's with them in the middle of the disaster."

Thousands of volunteers are expected in the next few days. Thank you for your faithful support and enabling us to help the people here in Moore.

Uniting for Oklahoma

This Memorial Day weekend, city officials are estimating that thousands of volunteers will arrive to join in relief efforts. Service International, who we partner with, will be coordinating this effort and acting as the main point of contact.

Over the past several days, we've partnered with more organizations in order to maximize our impact. In addition to Church of the Harvest, Victory Church, and Service International, we've teamed up with Cooking for Christ to distribute meals to relief workers and displaced families and The 99 to set up a tent for those in need. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Oklahoma Tornado Update

Our hearts go out to the families in Oklahoma who were devastated by the powerful tornado. It's our desire to provide whatever relief and encouragement we can during this heartbreaking time.

We are currently working with Church of the Harvest and Victory Church, both in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, to help provide shelter for those displaced by the storms and to offer blankets, water and food to those impacted by these terrible events. We've also teamed up with Gleaning for the World to provide two trailers filled with 70,000 lbs. of supplies including blankets, water and food.

Through your prayers and support as partners, we are able to respond quickly when disaster strikes to provide relief and support to those impacted, both domestically and across the world. Donate directly to our disaster relief fund today.

Please continue to join us as we pray for those affected by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the Oklahoma City area. We are constantly updating our involvement as more information is available and God opens more avenues for us to help so please check back often and follow along on Facebook for the latest updates.

Hand of Hope is partnering with churches and organizations in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area to respond to devastating tornadoes that hit Moore, OK, on Sunday and Monday.

Hand of Hope is partnering with the Association of Related Churches to provide coordinated relief to those in need of relief in Moore, OK.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.

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